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Anwyl Cooper Willis


Born in Wales, and lived in England, America and Canada, based in Bristol for the last several years. A scientific background in uniforms thinking, questioning and analysing.


Received a BA in Fine Art from the University of Staffordshire and an MA from The University of the West of England Work in diverse media including drawing, print and making things in three dimensions. Interests include being and embodiment, human society, power balances and the negotiations that all that entails.



Peter came to Bristol in the late 60’s to study medicine but made the decision not to complete the course. He worked for quite some time in the care sector and later studied fine Art at The University of the West of England.

His practice as an artist is closely linked with the therapeutic aspect of the creative process (Outsider Art) In 2017 he founded SEALIONPRO and has led a small group of artists in the role of creative director. More recently Peter has become a solopreneur at Pea Lion Pro Com

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James Vassallo


I meet Peter in 2014 when we both applied to use a space, a pop up gallery, in The Galleries, Bristol. This ended with me, Peter, Anwyl and Therese putting up an exhibition, Deceive/Disclose, together. Since then Peter and me have exhibited, together with other artists, another six times. I believe these group exhibitions through the coming together of different minds, different points of view and the variety of venues have instagated many interesting conversations which have greatly benefited my practice.

Through my practice I’m questioning and reflecting on the systems of information and knowledge that have and are still influencing my cognition of life. Currently I’m making drawings inspired by the Welsh landscape. I’m interested in the difficulty in representing one’s ‘true’ experience and memories of a landscape, a landscape one goes through every day. But also, how its representation and the understanding of this landscape has influenced the lives of people living within.