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Creative practices have enabled me to build relationships and to be present in a grounded manner It has enabled me to live one day at a time without worrying to much about the future. I have forged a new identity since coming into recovery and I owe much of this to the community of artists of which I am a part.



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Pea Lion Pro has emerged from the ashes of my former self and my journey in recovery has been greatly enhanced by the bonds I have formed with friends and professionals.



Affordable Prices

£250 or near offer
Work in progress

The paintings and sketches are available framed or unframed and delivery is included in the price of the work. The sketches document my time in Bristol and form a backdrop to my life here. Since being in recovery from alcoholism it has been an invaluable resource and support.

Online Order

If you see a picture that you think would look good somewhere either your office, bedroom or lounge, do go ahead and make an offer for the painting ( sketch )of what you think it is worth. Pea Lion Pro believes in being flexible in this area and will consider all reasonable offers