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We are a group of artists who came together just before COVID struck the United Kingdom in April 2020. We had planned to put on an exhibition called The Line of Least Resistance at the Create Centre in Bristol . The show was postponed several times due to lock down and eventuality took place in a garage in Clifton owned by one of the members of the group. Following this when the government lifted its ban on galleries opening to the public The Line of Least Resistance moved to the Create Centre in September of 2021 and featured the work of five artists and their individual interpretations of the theme. In its intention this was to do with surrender and resistance to it- the balance between aggression , passivity and assertiveness.

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Creative practices have enabled me to build relationships and to be present in a grounded manner…..

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Pea Lion Pro has emerged from the ashes of my former self and my journey in recovery…..

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Decorative Masks
  • £30.00
Still Life
  • £100.00
Mask, Limited Edition
  • £30.00
Urban Landscape
  • £300.00
Winch Ink on Paper
  • £100.00
Charles Bridge Prague Oil and acrylic on canvas
  • £300.00
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